Error Log for LMS

Hi team,

I have used LMS app and I received error log regularly. I attached my error trace back

Traceback with variables (most recent call last):
File “apps/frappe/frappe/website/”, line 18, in get_response
response = renderer_instance.render()
path = ‘batch/join’
http_status_code = 200
response = None
endpoint = ‘batch/join’
path_resolver = < object at 0x7f1644bee920>
renderer_instance = < object at 0x7f1644a73040>
e = KeyError(‘batch’)
File “apps/frappe/frappe/website/page_renderers/”, line 78, in render
html = self.get_html()
self = < object at 0x7f1644a73040>
File “apps/frappe/frappe/website/”, line 510, in cache_html_decorator
html = func(*args, **kwargs)
args = (< object at 0x7f1644a73040>,)
kwargs = {}
func = <function TemplatePage.get_html at 0x7f165335f760>
File “apps/frappe/frappe/website/page_renderers/”, line 89, in get_html
self = < object at 0x7f1644a73040>
File “apps/frappe/frappe/website/page_renderers/”, line 157, in update_context
data = self.run_pymodule_method(“get_context”)
self = < object at 0x7f1644a73040>
File “apps/frappe/frappe/website/page_renderers/”, line 219, in run_pymodule_method
return method(self.context)
self = < object at 0x7f1644a73040>
method_name = ‘get_context’
inspect = <module ‘inspect’ from ‘/usr/lib/python3.10/’>
method = <function get_context at 0x7f1643cbee60>
File “apps/lms/lms/www/batch/”, line 6, in get_context
batch_name = frappe.form_dict[“batch”]
context = {‘top_bar_items’: [<TopBarItem: 9e259464d1 parent=Website Settings>, <TopBarItem: f42e09fbb9 parent=Website Settings>, <TopBarItem: 27cd7406bd parent=Website Settings>, <TopBarItem: e3bbe76851 parent=Website Settings>, <TopBarItem: 0ede9c4a15 parent=Website Settings>, <TopBarItem: 995c905c36 parent=Website Settings>, <TopBarItem: 84df335bba parent=Website Settings>], ‘footer_items’: [], ‘post_login’: [{‘label’: ‘My Account’, ‘url’: ‘/me’}, {‘label’: ‘Log out’, ‘url’: ‘/?cmd=web_logout’}], ‘copyright’: ‘Hard n Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’, ‘disable_signup’: 1, ‘hide_footer_signup’: 1, ‘navbar_template’: ‘Standard Navbar’, ‘footer_template’: ‘Standard Footer’, ‘facebook_share’: 0, ‘google_plus_one’: 0, ‘twitter_share’: 0, ‘linked_in_share’: 0, ‘url’: ‘http://localhost’, ‘encoded_title’: ‘’, ‘web_include_js’: [‘website_script.js’, ‘website.bundle.js’, ‘erpnext-web.bundle.js’], ‘web_include_css’: [‘lms.bundle.css’, ‘erpnext-web.bundle.css’, ‘/assets/css/myhns.min.css’], ‘favicon’: '/assets…
builtins.KeyError: ‘batch’