Error log when I use ets-encrypt to encrypt my sites

after enabling bench config dns_multitenant on and using sudo bench setup lets-encrypt [site-name] to encyprt my site. I have a valid domain. I get this error. I don’t how to troubleshoot. Please assist.

Seeing as your site name is he default local name of ‘site1.local’, make sure you have your host name set to your valid domain via

Bench set-config hostname <yourdomain>

Then, for good measure,

bench setup nginx

With this done, you should be able to access your site via http://yourdomain -if not, make sure firewalls are open and that your site is set as the current site.

Once you are sure the site is live and accessible on your valid domain, run bench setup lets-encrypt again.

Lets-encrypt needs internet access and the ability to check/certify the domain- making sure your site is accessible without ssl before running lets-encrypt helps ensure these reqs are met.

I still get the same problem when I follow up help. Any new suggestions?
I have a valid domain
Thank you

what is the URL you use to access your erpnext site?

The output notes Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log

Check that for clues!?

make sure multitenant is on and you have enabled custom domain

my website url is
I have this error from lettsEncrypty -->“Error domain does not exist in a pubic suffix” It appears I can’t get a certificate with a private domain.
I have added a custom domain using this command $bench setup add-domain for site1.local

I have these in check

  1. a DNS Mulitenant Setup
  2. site should be accessible via a valid domain
  3. I have root permissions on my server

Now I have quick question; How do I empty currentsite.txt? I am accessing vps in command line

$ echo > currentsite.txt

you may try
cd sites/
ln -s site1.local
cd ..
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload
and then re-run
sudo bench setup lets-encrypt