ERROR: Message Incoming email account not correct

I have setup gmail account domain and account successfully. But i want to setup custom domain for mail.
when i were creating email domain for it it gave me

 Message Incoming email account not correct

Where all setting has been done according to documentation.
Please help me into it,
Thank you

In case this helps someone in the future, I had my networking config incorrect, so pinging your mail server from your frappe/server would be a good suggestion.

“Incoming email account not correct” was frustrating.

I had “dns nameservers” instead of dns-nameservers so my email domain wasn’t resolving to an IP. Stupid error on my part.

All good now!

Hi @randynealpetersen,
I had same issue. I haven’t configure domain setup correctly that’s why got this error.
Right now all are working fine.

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i got this problem. but it is ok for my dns setting in my server.

do you have any other tips?

What is your solution?