Error message popu on Chart, Translation & Frappe website - max chars allowed 140


Getting below error pop-up message on the following sites.

Same issue but the message is differ:

Chat Token f49f30542d2c76038d9b0f94ce0c3f61298afcb8ea3f233f5a027cb9: ‘Country’ ({‘geoname_id’: 719819, ‘iso_code’: ‘HU’, ‘names’: {‘de’: ‘Ungarn’, ‘en’: ‘Hungary’, ‘es’: ‘Hungría’, ‘fr’: ‘Hongrie’, ‘ja’: ‘ハンガリー共和国’, ‘pt-BR’: ‘Hungria’, ‘ru’: ‘Венгрия’, ‘zh-CN’: ‘匈牙利’}}) will get truncated, as max characters allowed is 140

I have the similar issue after latest update. Could not use translation

Thanks for reporting, that issue is reported here Various Frappe tool apps: Popup error message - Chat token will be truncated: max 140 chars allowed · Issue #13441 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Fixed. Sorry about that!