Error Message while setting up Default Print format for Quotation

Hi All,

I am on ERPNext 8, I am getting below error while setting up new format As a "Default " format for Quotation.

Error Message: Standard DocType cannot have default print format, use Customize Form

I also tried by adding "Default Print Format in “Quotation” DocType but same error.

Can anyone please suggest the solution.


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This error case change is recent

Apparently a non-custom Quotation and default print format is now an error - so instead specify a custom Quotation and custom print format?

@clarkej Thanks for the inputs. I tried to set a custom print format in Setup>Customize form>select Quotation>Default Print Format = Quotation New …and this worked for me. Thanks for your help.


In case of custom apps, this should be do-able in the doctype definition, but its not :cry: