Error "Message You are not allowed to send emails related to this document"

Hello, I’ve setup the email account for user with business email domain and oauth while trying to test the functionality by sending an email with “New Email” on frappe, returning error “You are not allowed to send emails related to this document” any suugestions to fix this…?

Check the “Role Permissions Manager” for the document type/role and see if you have the email ticked.

Hello @matthkarl thanks for suggetion, i’ve chacked “Role permission Manger” for doctype “user” and email checkbox is ticked over there, but it still returns the same error, is there any other suggestion…?

No sure. Are you positive it’s the “user” doctype?

Hello @matthkarl the issue was with permission for dooctype Email Account, which i’ve created after i checked the checkbox for Email in doctype “Email Account” this issue is resolved. Thanks for your support.

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