Error on Production Setup

I have done production setup for my site using command sudo bench setup production username

it went through process of creating supervisor and nginx file and process succeed
but when i opened the site using port 80 i.e. its ip it showing white screen

please can anyone help me in this issue

Even using bench-serve port 80 showing the same

i have checked the nginx and supervisor files but not seem to have any errors

did you tried this ?

share the logs/commands

I have tried port 8000 its not opening in 8000 either

I have used this command
sudo bench setup production lms (lms is username of my server)

but when it didnt work i used the instructions from erpgulf website

but both methods didnt work and i am unable to access it from port 80

Checked the logs but id does not showing any errors
but when checked the browser console and network it showing 404 not found error


Setting ERPNext for Production

Enable Scheduler

bench --site [site-name] enable-scheduler

Disable maintenance mode

bench --site [site-name] set-maintenance-mode off

Setup production config

sudo bench setup production [frappe-user]

Setup NGINX to apply the changes

bench setup nginx

Restart Supervisor and Launch Production Mode

sudo supervisorctl restart all
sudo bench setup production [frappe-user]

If you are prompted to save the new/existing config file, respond with a Y.

When this completes doing the settings, your instance is now on production mode and can be accessed using your IP, without needing to use the port.

If you still face any issue let me know i will share a quick install script so that you will be able to install the ERPNEXT again without any issue.

tried the steps
but still no success

manually created a frappe.conf file with port 8080

now working on production on port 8080 with supervisor

great i suggest to install via script, it’s easy and there is very less chance of any errors

via easy install script using docker ?

replied to your other post