Error on Uploading attendance

Hi there @shreyasp,
I am having trouble regarding uploading attendance.
The error is something i havent come across earlies and i am unable to solve it either.
The thing is i have added a custom field in attendance module time_in and time_out. so i marked the status as absent if both the field is not present.
So as you can see i have an error on row 9 and 10, as they dont have time in and time_out value. Ill paste the script as well for you to understand it better.
r[9] value is time_in and r[10] value is time-out

for i, row in enumerate(rows[5:]):
if not row: continue
row_idx = i + 5
d = frappe._dict(zip(columns, row))
d[“doctype”] = “Attendance”
d[“docstatus”] = frappe.db.get_value(“Attendance”,, “docstatus”)

        if row[9] not in (None,'') or row[10] not in (None,''):
            ret.append(import_doc(d, "Attendance", 1, row_idx, submit=True))
            print "Either Draft Mode."
            ret.append(import_doc(d, "Attendance", 1, row_idx, submit=False))

    except Exception, e:
        error = True
        ret.append('Error for row (#%d) %s : %s' % (row_idx+1,
            len(row)>1 and row[1] or "", cstr(e)))

if error:
return {"messages": ret, "error": error}

Its Solved.
Some other value was wrong.