Error printing multiple documents


I’ve created this issue on github (Multiple document print not working · Issue #11827 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub) and apparently I’m the only one facing this problem.

When I try to print multiple documents it generates a PDF with only {{body}} inside, this doesn’t happen when I generate a pdf printing individually. The problem persists even with default print formats, even on documents, It doesnt matter if the doctype has custom fields or formats.

I’ve already tried to edit my site_config.json to change the host_name but none of my tries where successful (pdf are generated normally on individual print, so I think this config is ok)

Also tried to change the version of wkhtmltopdf from 0.12.2 to 0.12.4 (right now I’m with 0.12.3 with patched qt)

Any ideas on how can I trace the source of the error or anyone who has solved this before?

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mine just crashes out - in master and develop

I have the same symptom on a custom print format, the preview works nicely, but the pdf says only {{ body }}. Has anyone shed some light on this?


Turns out this line of Jinja code in the html breaks the pdf function:

{% set min = doc.diameter * 0.9 %}


In my case, the issue comes because the duplication in the naming series of Access Log DocType,
So I had solved it by edit the naming series of Access Log from the database (the table name is tabSeries) then edit the current value of the empty name with the latest number of Access Log. _