Error Production Planning tool


We had evaluated the production planning tool initially while testing , but we are facing problem when we are trying to use it for actual Requirement .

  1. If we use the Production Planning tool for a Sales order say SO 001 which needs manufacturing : it generates the material Request for raw material for that sales order considering the Stock , material Request Purchase & the Purchase order raised
  2. we order the material needed for manufacturing against the SO 001
  3. Now Before we transfer the material for manufacturing If we use the Production Planning tool for a new sales order say SO 002 for the same item or different item but needs some of the common raw material - then the items already ordered or the items in stock are considered( Which are supposed to reserved for SOI 001 ) & the new material Request is only generated for Shortages & does not consider the requirement of SO 001

I this a Bug or are we missing any settings.

Please advise as this is very important for proper detailing of material to be ordered

Thanks & best Rgds,

Hello @chetan,

Stock is not reserved by the system against a material request. While using Production Planning Tool if the stock exists in a warehouse the system will not generate material request. This is the system design.

Hello @neilLasrado

So that means i cannot use the Production planning tool again unless & until i transfer all the material to WIP for the previously planned material / Orders is it so ?

For Eg :
Say we use Production planning tool on 1st Jan
One of the raw materials is an item A
Item A In stock say 10
Item A Required qty 20
So a Material Request for Purchase is generated for item A 10 Nos
User creates a PO for 10 Nos
Material to be Received on 30th Jan

on 15th Jan We again use Production planning tool for some other material to be manufactured for which again Item A is a raw material & the Required Qty for Second Time is say again 20 Nos

So with Present System it does not create a Material Request for Item A since
10 are in stock &
10 are Ordered

But actually this stock is for the First Plan
so the actual need is of 40 Nos & the system does not generate the Material request & we end up in not ordering the Material

We need to have a tracking & reservation of the qty against the first Plan
Or are we missing any settings or understanding ?

Best Rgds,

Ideally, on creation of Production Order, raw materials should be reserved. That will solve the issue. The feature is in our to-do list, the link of the github issue is Report on reserved item based on Production Order · Issue #1859 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.

@nabinhait @chetan @neilLasrado Instead of reserving the raw materials, can the planning tool include all production orders for which the material has not been transferred (even if it is included in a previous plan already)? That way, you don’t have to worry about reserving. If we start reserving items, then there needs to be a provision to unreserve as well…I’m guessing this may keep it simple, while solving the issue as well.

@nabinhait - Thanks for confirming the details - do we have any timeline for this ? would be really useful

@nabinhait @kirthi - Would really like to know the method of reserving of stock - will it be only for Production planning tool or it shall be applicable for other Stock Entries also ? - I think the Method suggested by @kirthi seems to be more easy & useful for manufacturing processes .

@nabinhait any decision on which option you are going to take and the timelines? It’s an important feature and we would like to see it in ERPNext…

Any updates on this? This feature would make ERPNext really perfect for us! Thanks!

We have the same problem, too.
Our purchaser is stuck because the problem was not solved yet.

This feature is very important to us.
If there is no improvement toward this issue, we will be forced to choose other ERP solution.
Please take this as a serious problem.

Charles Hsu

Any updates?

I have submit a pull request toward this problem.

This function can be considered as an enhancement and will not change the original functionality.
I have add a checkbox as “ignore projected qty”. If checked, Projected qty will be ignored. If material requests are generated based on sales orders, the qty reserved by sales orders will be included in projected qty, which causes the qty deduction of the material requests. Thus, ignorance of projected qty should be checked in this situation.

This situation will happen on “Made-to-Order” scenario which every purchase order is reserved to certain sales order. No un-arrived qty should be considered as “open” qty and can be used by future purchase order.

Please merge the pull request as soon as possible if test ok. We need this feature in a hurry since there are many sale orders waiting to be process. My Boss waits to make a decision of keeping ERPNext subscription.

Thanks in advance.

Charles Hsu

@Charleshsu Added option “Create Material Requests for All Required Qty” in Production Planning Tool via [fix] Create Material Requests for All Required Qty via Production Planning Tool by nabinhait · Pull Request #5327 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub.

In upcoming version 7, We have also added “Reserve” feature for raw materials on submission of Production Order. Those items will be unreserved on transferring raw materials to WIP warehouse.

Great! Thanks!

I am having same problem for subcontracted purchase orders because they don’t reserve raw material.
As I read this was solved for production orders, do you think a pull request for this could be accepted?
I created these issues about it