Error: rate must be a positive number

Hi all,

It would seem that in the last few weeks to version-14 we’ve added a limitation to Transactions to enforce positive rates at line level. This is enforced when the source transaction has its status changed, and the commit is here.

My question is what is the reason for it? Its perfectly reasonable to have a positive quantities yet a negative rate, eg. discounts. We’re a service based business and use this method to highlight at line level various discounts and have the result shown on the printed PDF. I understand not having negative quantities, however to highlight various discounts I see no other way.

For the timebeing I’ve made an adjustment to source so we can continue to operate, however I’d really like to know the thinking behind it, is there something I’m missing?

So it would seem cooler heads prevailed in version-15-beta, is there any chance someone could create a pull req. to version-14-hotfix?

Merged with version-14