Error running bench update in 6.0


Ive got a install of 6.20 right now. Ive went to run bench update and it’s saying I have hundreds of files that have been modified. There is no way I have modified these files, a few may have, but even things like erpnext/translations/ja.csv show they have been modified, but I have no clue how.

What is the best thing to do? I did some digging and it appears I need to make my own git up, stash them and then run the update? The only changes that I would have made were doctype changes in a few pages, but not hundreds. Im trying to get updated to the latest version as some features we had requested were added.

Also, ill be glad to pay someone if they want to handle this for me :smile:

@bradbendy if you change doctypes directly, you have to manage the merge conflicts. What you are seeing are merge conflicts.

A better way to manage customizations is via Customize Form or via Frappe Apps.

@bradbendy You can hire freelance from here to update your server.

Also, Use only customize form to add/hide/change property of field and custom script to add validations.
You can also make separate app to manages customization