Error setting up Email Domain

Hi All,

Trying to setup my e-mail domain, but It giving me Request Time Out.

I did the config as shown above:

Somebody can help me?

When I did this I was using POP instead of IMAP, so if that is causeing you issues I may not be on target here. But I do remember fighting with this issue and in my case it was related to 2 things:

  • The correct port numbers being open on my server
  • The SMTP port number setting

I think I got past that error by leaving the SMTP port number blank. It has been a while since I did this but I remember I kept trying to put a number in there that didn’t need to be there (or at least erpnext didn’t want it there).

Hope this helps a little…


Nope, unfortunately, I leave the port blank and got the same… I using IMAP…

As my provider uses a mask, I don’t know if it could influencing on the error… My server gives me the following address:, and it serves to IMAP and SMTP… It is the config used on my Outlook, for example.

But they give me the IMAP and SMTP to use, with another config page:

owa address

imap connection
Porta: 993
Criptografia: SSL

smtp connection
Porta: 587
Criptografia: TLS

So… I believe I will have to speek with them.

I was able to input Email Account, but received this message:

[Errno 110] Connection timed out

Is there some way to check if my configs are valid under linux?