Error: signal only works in main thread of the main interpreter

I built custom image by referring to the fappe_docker repo and operating a production env.

Sometimes, execute “docker compose down” and “docker compose up” for restart service the above error appears.


This is my command settings for custom image.
Can anyone tell me what I can try to avoid the above error when restarting.

Thank you.

I solved this problem.

The problem was kill main process while execute background job.

Then, redis queue try to response to frappe for failed reason with abandoned job.

In this process, a problem occurs because the pid of the frappe that the redis queue is trying to connect to changes after restarting.

So I run this command before shutting down the server.
bench disable-scheduler && bench execute frappe.core.doctype.rq_job.rq_job.remove_failed_job

You can avoid this conflict by executing remove_failed_job.

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