[ERROR]: supervisord - Easy Install Script

after reboot I have to run this command to geterpnext running why is this?

sudo supervisord
/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/supervisor/options.py:297: UserWarning: Supervisord is running as root and it is searching for its configuration file in default locations (including its current working directory); you probably want to specify a “-c” argument specifying an absolute path to a configuration file for improved security.
'Supervisord is running as root and it is searching ’

  1. Your Supervisord is installed/running as root which means, added security implications.
  2. You should add user (i.e. frappe) to sudoers list or run $ bench setup sudoers
  3. Optionally try reinstalling supervisor from system using root user.
  4. Then setup supervisord again using $ bench setup supervisor

These two commands did not result in success on unbuntu 16

  1. You should add user (i.e. frappe) to sudoers list or run $ bench setup sudoers
  2. Then setup supervisord again using $ bench setup supervisor
    Unbuntu is a popular os please document how to make work?

Please advise went to logon to ERPNext after it was running since last post …got the sorry screen.
Log onto unbuntu run sudo supervisord back up after a few seconds.
Please forward the correct commands so that this runs consistently without intervention.

here are frappe rights:
User frappe may run the following commands on:
(root) /usr/sbin/service
(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/service nginx *
(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/service supervisord *
(root) /bin/systemctl
(root) NOPASSWD: /bin/systemctl * nginx
(root) NOPASSWD: /bin/systemctl * supervisord
(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/supervisorctl
(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/nginx
(root) NOPASSWD: /opt/certbot-auto
(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/local/bin/bench

  1. It’s seriously impossible with such minimal information to even think of helping at first place you…
  2. This is not an issue with Bench tool, clearly its your system/config fault.

Provide your OS (uname -a) & version/arch, bench --version, bench version, frappe user, full error trace in code block, steps to replicate this issue, if possible setup.py install log from frappe-bench log directory (share it using pastebin.com) in post.

sorry maybe I was confused about the purpose of easy install my thought is that I would supply username and password and it would do the rest much like a msi or exe. if it is not that sophisticated then please let me know I have no problem doing the manual install step by step? if its something simple to resolve I will just keep this system and do a manual install on the next system… is there an os you prefer?
thanks for your excellent support

Please start with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS OR Debian 7/8 / Optionally CentOS 6/7 (x64 editions only) fresh without MySQL, Web Servers like Apache/Nginx already installed on server with minimum 1GB of RAM.

Once you have it all covered, read instructions carefully on following page to setup new ERPNext with all software dependencies automatically installed for you.
You will be promoted to enter

i have done all this and still get the error supervisod need to to be manuly started here are the log:
buckley@moneta:~$ pgrep -fl supervisor
buckley@moneta:~$ tail -f /var/log/supervisor/supervisord.log
2016-08-09 13:24:36,235 WARN received SIGTERM indicating exit request
2016-08-09 13:24:36,279 INFO stopped: frappe-bench-redis-queue (exit status 0)
2016-08-09 13:24:36,281 INFO stopped: frappe-bench-redis-cache (exit status 0)
2016-08-09 13:24:36,306 INFO stopped: frappe-bench-redis-socketio (exit status 0 )
2016-08-09 13:24:36,386 INFO stopped: frappe-bench-node-socketio (terminated by SIGTERM)
2016-08-09 13:24:37,199 INFO exited: frappe-bench-frappe-short-worker-0 (exit st atus 1; not expected)
2016-08-09 13:24:37,200 INFO exited: frappe-bench-frappe-default-worker-0 (exit status 1; not expected)
2016-08-09 13:24:37,202 INFO exited: frappe-bench-frappe-long-worker-0 (exit sta tus 1; not expected)
2016-08-09 13:24:37,456 INFO stopped: frappe-bench-frappe-web (exit status 0)
2016-08-09 13:24:37,471 INFO stopped: frappe-bench-frappe-schedule (terminated b y SIGTERM)
2016-08-09 13:24:36,279 INFO stopped: frappe-bench-redis-queue (exit status 0)

buckley@moneta:~$ grep -Po ‘^sudo.+:\K.*$’ /etc/group

so frappe is suduser so I am unclear why it doesn’t start automaticaly