Error Supplier Invoice No is not unique

Hello! When I upgrade erpnext from the v7.1.0-beta version to the current one today, it throws me error saying that the Supplier Invoice No is not unique.

Bill_no field can not be set as unique in tabPurchase Invoice`
This is obvious since I have distilled the option “Check single invoice number per supplier” in configurations.

So by default I should want to tick the option.

Any suggestions on this?

Thank you!

There is possibly some old data that is messing up the upgrade, for the upgrade maybe you can try to uncheck this option, complete the upgrade and then re-check the option to maintain unique invoice no.

Thanks for replying @Pawan , I’m directly trying to do it from a clean, updated installation, restoring the backup, and not overcoming this error since for what I look at, I do not even create the table “docPerm” that is the one that contains the tilde "Check Single invoice number per supplier "

Any suggestions?

Thank you