Error: The resource you are looking for is not available(404 error){
                method: <>,
                args: {
                    "items": form.get_values(),
                    "doctype": cur_frm['doctype'],
                    "docname": cur_frm['docname']

This part of code should call this python code:

def send_to_maileva(items, doctype, docname):
    items = json.loads(items)
    #another code

But when ajax request executes( function), I take this error:

Your resource you are looking for is not available

All path have been written correctly (i tried execute it by bench execute <> and all correctly executed). Which reason could be there? How I can fix it? I am ready share all necessary information

printout the doctype and docname to make sure it correctly passed as expected from browser.

I have access to doctype. I think the problem is, that can’t see the function., Because if i leave only print('hello') function will not execute too

Refer also here Purchase Receipt - The resource you are looking for is not available

It correctly completed by side of client

Any news, ma dear community?:smile:

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Well, a general request and tip - to post the text of a traceback means code and forum searches are accessible and work, while a screenshot is ignored

The problem connected with uncorrectly import python’s library. Check it, if you get similar error!

Well I can see the wrong package can be loaded, but have not had to debug that case How can I keep python from loading the 'wrong' package? - Stack Overflow

Otherwise to just delete the .pyc files to recompile, should uncover missing failed imports, no?