Error transferring materials from WIP warehouse to Finished goods warehouse

Hi ,

I am getting an error when I transfer materials from WIP warehouse to finished goods warehouse that the product is not a stock item .

Please help


@Muthu You can’t move non-stocked item and if you have stock control enabled.
It means you are trying to move nothing to warehouse.
Either you disable stock option for particular item.
Add some stock for this item.
Disable post screenshot and detailed steps for someone from community to actually help you.

NOTE: Please read standard guideline before posting, it does not help most of the time who might help if without detailed information about software versions, error logs, screenshots, steps to reproduce the same error etc.

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@yashodhan . Many thanks for the guidance , could you please let me know one thing , when actually the raw material gets converted into a product in the below case.

Stores > WIP > Finished product .

Will the raw material stock vanish after getting converted into a final product .


Have you check it already?

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Thanks for swift reply , I checked but I did not get what I need ?

Any help ?


Well, I am not subject expert, my abilities limited to development and system/network administration.
Maybe you should wait for someone to respond, keep checking, if no reply in few days, try asking question on

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@yashodhan . Thank you