ERROR- update from erp next team is not functional

hi…i am glad that you have resolved the problem of BOM fetching the material from update finished you have resolved this problem and said that you can change the settings from manufacturing settings
thre is no such option in manufacturing settings for update finished from transfer raw materials for manufacturing instead of fetching bill of material items.
i hope you will get this


I believe you are referring to following upgrade log:

Added Feature - Update FG based on Material Transfer For Manufacturing

While transferring material against Production Order, it allows you adding items which are not part of the BOM. Also you can transfer more qty of the raw-material item than defined in the BOM.

Earlier, in the Update Finish Goods Entry, system would only fetch items based on BOM, and not based on the Material Transfer Entry made for the Production Order. This feature allows you to pull raw-material items in the Update Finish Goods entry based on Material Transfer Entry, and not based on BOM of FG item.

You are right. We will push a fix to show that select box in Manufacturing Settings.


thanks a lot dear anand eagerly waiting for this update as we are unable to do work

Added Feature - Update FG based on Material Transfer For Manufacturing this feature is not working indeed we don’t have any option in manufacturing settings to allow this feature to be use

I think we released this. Can you check?

its working now thanks a lot and happy independence day bro

Thanks Abdul! A belated one to you :grinning:

:blush: thanks