Error Updating System is being updated error after bench upgrade

Error : *Updating
System is being updated. Please refresh again after a few moments.
status: 503

after updating from version 7 to 8 using OVB erpnext on windows this error happened.

What error do you see in the bench console

Something like this Wanted node 0.12 but is 0.10.25
I noted this one coming again and again with wanted node changing from 0.12 to 10.40 and more.

Update your node version to 7.x

@netchampfaris I am using Oracle Virtual Box on windows. Can I still use the node installation as described above?


This steps for VM:

@krnkris it says curl is currently not installed

I am using Oracle Virtual Box

when i try to install curl by typing: sudo apt-get install curl

I get: unable to fetch some archives


curl is a part of Ubuntu , Linux system , not

I’m not an expert , but it seems
your system repository list is corrupted and/ or
the servers not reachable right now.
You should try later or trough a different VPN.


Hope this helps.