Error: User do not have document access

Hi members,

Please kindly help us :

Yesterday all of our member just report, they cannot login to the platform , here is the error message :
User do not have document access

We did not change anything on the premission / role , we never touch any setting ,but it just happended yesterday.

Anyone has the solution ?




Can you show the screen/error so that the community can see the error and try to help you?

Yes sure !

Please see the attached photo , our admin can login to the platform, all member cannot login to the platform

Seems like an update that didn’t finish properly. Try running it again

cd ~/frappe-bench;
bench update

Hi Trentmu,

I never tried to update or touch any setting … As im not a developer.
I think ERPNext updated automatically, but im not able to set anything from the coding ?
It just suddenly happened yesterday …