Error: Value Missing for: City/Town" keep popping periodically

When I created a new customer through POS, I put in address detail without city. The transaction go through as usual.
After a few minutes, “Error: Value Missing for: City/Town” keep popping periodically.
How do I fix this?
I tried to go to customer setting and put in a new address (with city), but the pop up does not stop.

error png

ERPNext: v8.2.2 (master)

Frappe Framework: v8.2.3 (master)


Hi @fresthy

We’re fixing this issue, for a while to fix this issue kindly disable the mandatory property for the field City/Town using customize form.

Goto Cutomize Form > select doctype as Address > Goto row City/Town > uncheck Mandatory and update
40 am

There are thousands of rows in the table and I have added a new mandatory field in the form corresponding to the table.
Now, whenever I open existing data system showing Error: Value missing for: Credit score

I added field through Setup > Customize Form

Any solution?

Frappe: 6.x.x
Erpnext: 6.x.x