Error: Value missing for Fees: Due Date

On doing a program enrollment, i can see fees are selected as recommended but with no due dates yet under fee schedule, i have sheduled fees correctly with due dates set. Why is the dudate not automatically picked at the program enrollment section under fees?

The error generated on saving a program enrollment is as follows:

Error: Value missing for Fees: Due Date

Hi @ben,
The Fee table in the Program Enrollment is the deprecated one, it is not removed till now because earlier people used to keep that tables as a track of the fees records.
If you are using the Fees module, you don’t need to update that table.

Yes i use the fee module.And how will the fee be attached to a student automatically?

You can view the Fees for a particular student via checking from the student dashboard itself. Do you see any relevance of the fees details in the program enrollment itself?

on the dashboard, no fee is attached for that student yet the program has fee attached to it. Also note that fee structure is done

Fees record can only be created against a student. How are you creating the Fees records?

I have done via the following steps:

  1. Created the fee structure
  2. Created the fee schedule
  3. Linked programs with fee structure that is set
  4. Perform program Enrollment to attach a student with a program and a fee structure as well.

I have few points which can make your cycle better.

  1. Student records for the student applicant are created only if you enroll the student and make the program enrollment.
  2. Fee Schedule makes the Fee records for the students in the backend. so if you are creating Fee Schedule, make sure that there are student records already. This also links the latest Program Enrollments (if created) with the Fees records.
  3. You don’t need to link the Fees in the Program Enrollment as you can view the Fees status from the Fees Schedule and Student doctype.

I hope this clear few of your doubts. You can fix your cycle accordingly.

The standard cycle is:

  1. Create the Fee Structure (program can be linked initially)
  2. Create the Program Enrollment (can skip to submit and can submit after the fees is paid)
  3. Create the Student Groups (program enrollment will be required for this)
  4. Create the Fee Schedule (student groups will be required for this)

Sorry i haven’t got you clearly. Kindly explain more on this.

could you comment your ERPNext version?

Am using:

ERPNext: v9.2.7 (master). I havent upgraded to 10 yet.


Actually, Fee Schedule creates the Fees records. So if you are creating the Fee Schedule, it will create the Fee records for all the students of the selected group. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask.

Now that is well understood…Thanks. This can be closed now.