Error: Value missing for Selling Settings: Sales Update Frequency

I have problem with installation after update

this my version of erpnext and frappe


Can anyone help me to find out the missing step i do?

@nabinhait @umair @saurabh6790 @snv

Facing the same issue. Stuck at setup. Unable to move ahead.

erpnext 11.1.2
frappe 11.1.2

Hi, I am unable to relplicate this.
Can you try something for me?

Sure. Let me know

I’ve sent you a DM…

I’ve made a PR:

If you can test this, please add a comment to the PR on Github confirming whether or not this works.



Thanks , its work now

This has been released. Please run bench update. Thanks for your patience.

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but still i cant (not yet) fix this, :grinning:

I had mentioned it earlier.
You need to run bench setup requirements after installing requests manually.

what should i do? @snv

env/bin/pip install --upgrade requests
env/bin/pip install urllib==1.23
env/bin/pip install --upgrade chardet
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env/bin/pip install -I requests
env/bin/pip install urllib3==1.23
env/bin/pip install --upgrade chardet

I have fixed the commands.