Error when creating opening bank account balances

Forgive me if I have a conceptual problem, but…

I am trying to establish opening balances in our 2 bank accounts by creating a JV / Opening Entry. To balance the double entry I am debiting the temporary account and crediting the bank account. Both JV lines request party which as they are neither supplier or customer I am leaving blank.

On saving the JV I am told that the Creditors account (no values entered) requires both a party and party type. I Do this using a random supplier.

Try again and told the Debtors account requires the same. So I so another random customer entry.

Subsequently the JV is successfully submitted but is tagged to the random supplier that I chose.

Is this a bug?


Just created Journal Entry to update Opening Balance in the Bank Account. Worked fine for me.

If it’s showing error message to select party, that’s because for the Cash/Bank account selected, Account Type selected in Payable/Receivable account. Please check if that’s the case.

Ensure that Account Type for the Bank or Cash account is updated accordingly, and then try to create Opening Balance entry for it.

Hope this helps.