Error when importing CSV


Maybe anyone knows how I can overcome this issue

Seems like you have set an item has a Variant without setting its Template item.

When you made Template in that you have selected UOM as “Unit”
but when you made its variant ,i think you have given another UOM
thats why this error showing.

Keep UOM same in Template and its Variants also.

Shraddha Ranjane.

Yes, I tried everything about those UOM, - delete all, make all "none” and etc. My original import csv looks like okay, so that’s why i decided to post it here :frowning: maybe more ideas, please ?

please check that,
your parent items(“Template” item) in the csv must be before child items(“Variant” item) of that template.

Thanks for your help everyone. Now I have perfect ERPNext live support, they solve any issues in 24 hours.

Yes, that was parent issue. I imported Parent first, and after some small fixes it went smooth.