Error when Installing RIGPL apperr


I am tying to install RIGPL ERPNext app but I am getting following error.
An error occurred while installing rigpl_erpnext:

Purchase Order: Options must be a valid DocType for field Transporters in row 7

How to solve this?


Yogi Yang

As of this moment, it is not possible to install ERPNext offline. The only way to deploy ERPNext without pulling resources from their online repositories is to download the ova file which is essentially an image of the ERPNext application which you can run with virtualbox.

Did you check the frappe/bench log ?

If you use bench --site yoursite set-config developer_mode 1 command it should avoid frappe to download asset from internet (I’ve read it here but I never try to install frappe/erpnext offline)

The error you report means Transporter custom field, probably created by RIGPL app (check fixture files) define an option for hte field Transporter (probably field link type) to non existing DocType