Error when migrating from V6 to V7

Hello All,

I tried posting this in old thread but no reply. So though a new thread would help. I have searched all the threads but there seem to be no answer which would help.
I have been using v6 for almost a year, been facing email issues so thought would update to v7 but after successful installation of v7 and restoring the database i am getting updating. This might take some time on the webpage. and if i follow all the steps for migrating db v6 to v7 i get the errors mentioned below.

I had only 1 site named “site1.local”
I did force restore - Successful.
switch to master - Successful.
bench update --upgrade thows following error →
bench update --patch thows following error → bench update --patch -
and bench migrate throws the same error i guess.

Can any one help. ? I have been using erpnext v6 on vm for a year now. but we need to move it new setup with debian 8 which install version 7 using easy install script. Erp version 7 works fine on fresh installation until restoring the ver 6 backup.

when i try to access the page it says “Updating. We will be back in a few moments…”

Would appreciate your help in this.

Okay, so the restore process goes like this. I’d recommend destroying the site you tried to restore to by doing bench drop-site [site-name] and then create a new site and restore on there.

Do the force restore, make sure the branches (both frappe and erpnext) are on master, after you restore. Do a bench migrate. Do you still get the same error?

I will try it again in some time and get back to you.

Error on Bench Migrate

Error on Restore

I switched it to master and executed the commands and got above errors