Error when submitting Purchase Order in ErpNext V13

An error is occured when submitting the Purchase Order In erpnext V13:-1:

Purchase Receipt PREC-07268: Cost Center Main - GR.N does not belong to Company JMV LPS LTD J-12

Expand all the rows of the child tables and check the cost center set. Looks like in some row, the cost center is set as Main - GR.N which belongs to a different company. Remove that cost center and select the correct one.

Hope this helps.

I am new on ERPNEXT. So, Please describe stepwise, if possible.

In the Purchase Order, go to every table present, expand the row of the table and check the Cost Center field.

The cost center selected in one of the rows is incorrect. It belongs to a different company. Check which row has cost center Main - GR.N. Remove that and select some other cost center of the company you have created the PO for.

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Ma’am, cost center is not available or showing in my child table. I have recently updated the erpnext to V13.

It is under the accounting dimensions section in each row. Could you send a screenshot please of the row expanded?

Go to Purchase Order > Check the tables > Open the row of the table and send a screenshot.

You need to expand the rows of all the tables. There is an accounting dimension section (not table) on expanding the rows as seen in the earlier screenshot shared by me. Check what cost center is set there.