Error While configuring Outgoing email server

 i configured my gmail setting for outgoing mail server, I got an error while configuring these setting.

 i followed these instructions 
   Setting--> Email --> Outgoing Email Settings
 i configured this as 
 Server - 
 True Use TLS
 Port    - 587
 Login Id-
 mail Pass- xxxxx
 auto email-
 while saving these values 
 i got Error as :-
 Invalid login or password 
Did not save

            Can anyone help me on this issue. 


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-I think,you are entering wrong “Password”
-Please enter your real(correct) password

  • And "Auto Email id " should be your “Login id”

For example - I have created one gmail account
like"" and set password as “xxx123”
Then use same mail id and same password in “Outgoing Email Setting”
-Then it will save

  • Also check your Gmail Setting
    → Go to Settings-> Click on “Forward and POP/IMAP” →
    Keep POP and IMAP as “Enable”

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technology PVT LTD

It happen to my too. But the problem is not ERPNEXT is gmail. You need to enable:

  • Allow access for less secure apps.

That worked for me.

Jesus Salcie
Soldeva SRL -

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