Error while creating a new Item

HI, When trying to create a non stock new item (we do not manufacture, just distribution) we get the following error on save:

As Production Order can be made for this item, it must be a stock item.

Any ideas on how to get rid of it? If we duplicate an existing item and change it to the new attributes we have no isses, only when creating a new one as.


Just uncheck Allow Production Order from Manufacturing section on item form.

Thanks Saurabh, but we do not have a Manufacturing section on the Item form as we have manufacturing not enable on our installation. Any ideas how to disable this globally?

If you have access to Customize Form, set default value as 0 for field Allow Production Order on item form.

Thanks! Trying to do this (set default to 0) on the DocType menu for ITEM as Admin but cannot edit any field. Am I looking at the right place to do this?

On another note, it is still confusing that even when the manufacturing module is disabled we have to modify this filed. We had to re enable just to be able to see the “manufacturing” menu under the Item to be able to click the Allow Production Order which was not showing before.

Thanks to all.

No, go to the item list, click Menu, then customize. That will bring you to the proper form.

Was there but cannot see how or where to set the default to 0 for Allow Production Order. Attached my screen for it:


It is set to Default 0 from what I’m seeing.

Thnaks all. Is working now. Not sure what I did, but now is disabled. :smiley: