Error while deleting custom module


We create a custom app named customcrm, the steps that we used are:

  1. Adding customcrm config in
  2. Adding customcrm in modules.txt under erpnext app folder

After we decide to remove the custom app, we remove those lines on two files described above. After that when we try to start the bench the error shown unable to import customcrm module.

We already tried various method found in googling in resolving this issue, but the result is the same. It still trying to find the customcrm module even though we already deleted it and the bench won’t even start.

Any help is appreciated as we are currently stuck in this for several days.

We’re using ERPNext version and Frappe bench version 4.1.0 with developer mode on.


Solved, we decide to keep it running by adding the customcrm back to the app, thanks.