Error while downloading backup using wget


I finally succeeded in installing ERPnext on Ubuntu 14.04. ERPnext works fine but when I want to download a backup from the link sent by email I get error 403 as shown below:

ahmed@ahmed-Q500A:~$ cd /tmp
ahmed@ahmed-Q500A:/tmp$ wget http://localhost/backups/20141220_37208300_database.sql.gz
–2014-12-21 10:24:03-- http://localhost/backups/20141220_37208300_database.sql.gz
Resolving localhost (localhost)…
Connecting to localhost (localhost)||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 403 FORBIDDEN
2014-12-21 10:24:03 ERROR 403: FORBIDDEN.

Can you please help me, cause obviously backing up is very important, specially since I lost all my data already on a virtual machine installation.

Best regards,

You can login as a System Manage / Administrator and download from your browser.

or pull it via ssh, it would be at frappe-bench/sites/{sitename}/private/backups/

Thanks for the help. I found the files.