Error while fetching child table value on webform for guest

We are creating an child table in a doctype and for same doctype we create an webfrom now on web form the error was coming for guest for loged in user it’s working fine

the error was “Not Permitted” Permission error coming on webform when we click on add row in child table on webform.

Same Bug in V13 & V14

Is there any solution for this. (1)

I have the same issue @Suneet_Sharma did you find any solution?

Thanks a lot!

I gave the guest full access to the DocType that linked to the Child Table of the Web From but still the guest is getting permission problems.

Hi @mr-elamin and @Suneet_Sharma,

I think, If the child table has a link field then does not work but if the child table has a data field then will work.

Thank You!

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