Error while installing ERPNext on DigitalOcean Droplet

Hello everyone,
I tried to install ERPNext via the Easy Installation Script on a Digital Ocean Droplet (1GB RAM). I tried it once with CentOS and once with Ubuntu. In both cases I do get the same error in the script which I attached here.

I ran the instructions as mentioned in the manual here:

As mentioned tried it once with a Ubuntu based system and once with a CentOS based system. In both cases the same error. I deleted the Droplet so I also left the passwords in there ;).

Can anyone give me a hint what went wrong and how I can rectify this?


as per error log mysql root password is wrong

Thanks for the feedback -does any of you guys happen to know what the default MySQL Password on DigitalOcean is ? Respectively do I need to install a Mqsql Database separately on that Droplet? I somehow cannot find a satisfactory answer when googling. Cheers, Flo