Error while Saving Item

When i try to crete and save any new item showing this type of error message :

Go to Customize form > Stock Entry and expand the “Purpose” field row. Check if “Material Receipt” is deleted from the options?

If it is, add it back and try creating the item.

Thank you @michelle for your help . Its already there in option called material receipt
one thing i have noticed that no any data in fetch from. can you please help me out???

Go to Stock Entry Type list. Do you see the following options there (specifically Material Receipt)?

If not, create the necessary Stock Entry Types. You can find the data on any of the sites at

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Yes, that has to be blank here. That is not an issue. Try the solution as suggested by @snv. That should help solve the issue.

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thank you its solved @michelle @snv

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Did you need to click the Retry button multiple times when setting up this site using Setup Wizard? There have been cases where these default records don’t get created properly when that is the case.

Fortunately, I fixed this issue recently, and it should not happen when creating new sites locally anymore.

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