Error while setting up company

I have imported virtual image to virtual box and have tried to complete the setup. At the end is shows following error:

Setting this address template as default as there is no other default
Duplicate name print heading Credit note
There were errors.


Hi Santosh,

Looks like you have outdated code. Can you run bench update and try agian?


Thanks Anand,
I have tried to execute the command in both root account and erpnext account, it gives error.
Further, I have new version of virtual image ERPNEXT-100915.



please send us the traceback of the error in update.


@santosh_baburao are you using virtual box and installing ERPNext
You can solve this by running bench reinstall

reference: Version 5 Setup Error - #10 by David_Stegnitz

run command in frappe-bench folder

Thanks Anand/Sanbhaji.
It works fine after re-installation.