Error while trying to upload bank statement

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System is returning the following error while trying to upload a Bank Statement:

TypeError: read_xlsx_file_from_attached_file() got an unexpected keyword argument 'file_id'

Any ideas?

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Okay, so it seems converting the file to xls or csv takes care of the error but the feature still isn’t working

Has anyone used the Bank Reconciliation feature recently? Any pointers would be appreciated


Please what steps did you follow and where would you say the problem arose?

Dear all,
I have followed the documentation Bank Reconciliation on bank reconciliation and it seems without the integration with Plaid you cannot do bank reconciliation but by manual.
I successfully imported the CSV file.To do the reconciliation from Reconciliation Page was impossible.
Am i missing something or something is wrong?.Please help


Change the columns where the amounts are. If all your amounts were debits- change to credits and re-import.

Note that the import works on amount exact match- that is it will auto recon a $100 bank entry with $100 payment transaction .

Basically, there are 2 issues here:

  1. The Bank Statement Transaction Entry form (under the Bank Statement section) looks like it’s not finished yet as it doesn’t successfully create any Bank Transactions. If the feature actually isn’t completed, it should be hidden for now

  2. The regular Bank Reconciliation tool seems to be conflicting with the Bank Reconciliation form (Update Bank Transaction Dates) under the Banking and Payments section. The tool doesn’t appear anywhere in the Accounts module; you can only access it via the search bar by selecting ‘Open Bank Reconciliaation’

This needs to be fixed as it causes confusion for users trying to do their Bank Reconciliation


Opened a Github Issue: