Error while update - (1062, "Duplicate entry 'patient_appointment.send_appointment_reminder' for key 'PRIMARY'"))

frappe.exceptions.DuplicateEntryError: ('Scheduled Job Type', 'patient_appointment.send_appointment_reminder', IntegrityError(1062, "Duplicate entry 'patient_appointment.send_appointment_reminder' for key 'PRIMARY'"))

You may want to delete the older entry causing this, please open the mariadb console

bench --site [sitename] mariadb

and delete the problem record -

delete from `tabScheduled Job Type` where name = 'patient_appointment.send_appointment_reminder';

Running the update once more after this, should work.


fixed in: fix: Patch for updating Appointment Reminder method in Scheduled Job Type by ruchamahabal · Pull Request #21431 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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