Error whit data import tool

Hi please help.
I was importing some new items to the system when the importing tool showed an error. Then I redo the same import operation and the system shows the error code that says the name is duplicated. so I look for the new imported items on my product list an there is nothing there. I did the import operation again an i have got the same error code duplicated name, so I down load the excel template loaded whit data and the items do not shows there. so I did an update operation with the items that I had peviusly imported and runs smoot once again I tryed to look for the items on the product list and they are not there. when i´m looking for the items on the find field on the top of the desktop window this finds the product code and when I click on the item for accesing it the sofware shows a screen saying that something goes wrong and reinitiates the software. So erpnext do not allow me to add this records to the database saying they are allredy there and permits update operations done by the importing tool but they can not be found by the regular operation of the software and ether those records do not shows on the import template downloaded whit data. I have done Bench Update command three times in a row with the same error appearing. How can I heal my database so I’m able to add this records again to the database.
Thanks in advance for your advices.