Error with Sale Order and Delivery Note

I have an issue with Sale Orders and Delivery Notes.

The error message is: “Field against_sales_order is not selectable.”
You can find the line that is causing the error at frappe/frappe/public/js/frappe/ui/filters/filter.js:151

How to reproduce:

  1. go to Sales Order List - /desk#List/Sales Order/List
  2. select a Sales Order
  3. on Dashboard section click on ‘Delivery Note’
  4. repeat steps 1-3 but select a different Sales Order at step 2
  5. you will get the error message and will see that the filter is set for the first selected Sales Order

Seems working fine in my test build. please share the version of your ERPNext account.

ERPNext: v10.1.20
Frappe Framework: v11.x.x-develop (dc69074)

Seems like you are using master branch of erpnext but develop branch of frappe. It does not work that way. You should use same branch for both. Also, whenever you pull latest update for erpnext, you should also pull updates from frappe.