Errors in creating cost centre tree

I am taking my first steps in creating a cost centre tree, but have encountered some strange behaviour.

I had planned a 4 level structure including - company/grandfather/father/son

Having created successfully created a series of grandfathers; one father and his sons I wish to add another father. Although I explicitly click on add child to the grandfather then the new father becomes a child of the first father and not of the grandfather.

In parallel there seems to be some variable behaviour on when the tree is refreshed. Sometimes automatically, at other times only by clicking refresh.

I am sure it is just a silly little bug.

In the future it would be great if the tree could be managed using drag and drop.


Sorry for the issue. We will know release fix for this issue. To stay updated, please refer to the status of this issue.

I have just updated to 7.2.6 and have returned to build my cost centre tree. It appears the situation has improved but is not yet perfect.

If a child group(1) is expanded and I try an add an additional child(2) to the father then the new child(2) becomes a child of (1). If the child group(1) is collapsed then things seem to work OK.

It seems the tree problem is much deeper than I thought. I have now tried to add a new bank account as another child of “bank accounts” but it is created as a child of “stock assets/all wharehouses”.

If anyone can suggest a work around I would be very grateful.


When adding a new Child Account, ensure that you have clicked on the Parent in which that Child Account should be created. First click on a parent account, and then do Add Child from there. It is working just fine in my test account.


Thanks for helping on this. I think the issue seems to be related to a node pointer not being reinitialized after a prior action. So the first insertion seems to go OK but subsequent insertions do not. This GIF shows an attempt to insert a bank account and it ending under the direct income node.

Do you see the problem?

@saurabh6790 I believe you already resolved this issue. Right? @mafrica may I know that is the version of your ERPNext account? Please ensure it’s running on the latest version in production.

Fixed in V7.2!!

As it says in post 3…this error was still there after updating to 7.2.6