Errors of frappe bench setup script on Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS

I tried to install Frappe on the new Ubuntu 16.04 using “sudo bash --setup-production”, I got couple of errors

  1. apt-get command needs new switch “–allow-unathenticated” after each “-y” switch, this is needed to install mariadb packages

2.there is no “wkhtmltopdf” package for this new version “xenial”, so the setup script stops here.


@Yasser_Mekled, we plan to deprecate the old script and replace it with a newer one. You can run this to install instead. Make sure to start fresh or you might get issues.


python --production 

@vjFaLk I used what you mentioned and It stops with error, in step of creating user

as shown in this screen shot.

but when I use “sudo” before the command
it keep going.

and then stops here,as per screenshot