Errors while importing item data for supplier and supplier item number

After successfully uploading many records with the item stock template I have tried to add more item data that I did not include the first time around but I get errors like “(‘Item’, u’3M9066’, IntegrityError(1062, u"Duplicate entry ‘3M9066’ for key ‘PRIMARY’”)) or “Error: Value missing for Item: Item Group Error: Value missing for Item: Default Unit of Measure” depending on how I make adjustments to the csv file.

If I download the template with data, these fields have values that seem correct to me but the new data does not appear. I have checked the spelling and the capitalization and it seems correct. I have worked on this for a long time and would like to know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

One thing that might help here…

When reading the columns in the template, look for the ~ columns. The ~ symbol seems to separate information withing a record type into distinct groups. Within that group, all columns that have “yes” in the required line of the column MUST be filled in for all columns between the ~ symbols.

Any time you enter information into a section of the template between the ~ symbols you must then make sure that all required fields between that set of ~ symbols are populated.

Not sure why it is that way, but many many nights of trial and error uncovered this for me.

Hope this helps…

BKM :sunglasses:

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Hey @herb , you want to select “Update Existing Records” when you’re trying to update records.

V10 Screen shot below, in V11 its a different layout and impossible to miss.

This could be the issue. I have experimented with checking and unchecking the boxes for updating or new records etc. and I may have messed up my data so I am rechecking everything and re-importing data. I will keep the ~ in mind this time.

Thank you.