ESoC application

Name : Anto Christopher

Hello guys,
I’d like to be a part of ERPNext Summer of Code. I am currently involved in developing two Mobile Applications, one of which is based on React Native and the other one is based on PhoneGap. Both the projects are nearing completion.

Based on my past projects and interest, I am eager to work on any mobile application project currently listed under frappe-apps (Frappe Mobile Apps) on GitHub.

I don’t have much experience in actual Open Source development but have immense interest in it, I kindly request you guys to guide me ahead with this. Thank you.

In case you guys want to know more about me:
GitHub: anto-christo (Anto Christopher) · GitHub


Welcome Anto

You have chosen wisely :slight_smile:

ERPNext is truly an ambitious product and a wonderful supportive environment and opportunity.

Likely @umair or @prakash_hodage should be able to point or enlist you.

You will surely have fun and learn lots.


@anto-christo thanks. We will start official applications next week! Will post on this forum :wink:


@rmehta, thanks a lot for replying, will be watching out for ESoC.

Actually I started this discussion in accordance with the steps mentioned in Home · frappe/frappe Wiki · GitHub.

The above link was last updated on Jan 25, 2018 and hence I don’t have any latest updates regarding Frappe+GSoC. I have a slight confusion on whether ERPNext Summer of Code is in anyway related to Google Summer of Code.

Whichever way, the above link encouraged me to have a look at your open source products and I was able to sent my first ever pull request to a open source project (Add hour view mode by anto-christo · Pull Request #67 · frappe/gantt · GitHub) with an added feature. If possible, please have a look at. I am not sure whether I have done it the right way and hence I highly appreciate any suggestions from the community in this regard. Thank you.