ESS User can not see Script report and not show field in employee check in time for ESS user

Hi all
I have 2 question

  1. I create an ESS(employee self service) User and i want to show user a monthly attendance report
    I give all types of role permissions(also From Role Permission for Page and report ) to Ess user on the monthly attendance report but when the user opens the report getting this message

    and showing on script report not on builder report
    Can any One help me please how can i show script report to ESS user.

  2. I give permission to ESS user can see Employee checkin but When Ess user open employee checkin record it show all field except Time field

    only TIME field not appearing


Did you find a solution for this? Me too has the same problem.

@roshrnair yes you’ve to allow ESS role and permission for every doctype(like employee) and also for the report from ‘Role Permission for Page and Report’ page.