/etc/supervisor/conf.d empty

Hello and thanks for any help you can offer.

I’ve installed erpnext succesfully but i am having a problem with supervisorctl status. When i run the command the output is none, i think it is because the folder /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ is empty i guess it is missing the files for the service running and supposed to be supervised. Where can i get the those files? thanks.

Regenerate your config files

hello @rmehta. Thank you very much for your answer. However, this didn’t solve the problem. The folder is still empty. I am working over a debian 7 installation. Do you have any other option that could help solve this problem? thanks again.

Hello @rmehta. I manage to solve the issue. Somehow i forgot to create the simlink between the configuration files in the frappe-bench directory and the /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ directory.

Now is working fine. The supervisor says there is an error with the redis-cache and redis-async-broker because those services are already up, and when supervisorctl checks them there is an error that states that the port is already listening another address. but using netstat -anlpt i could confirm that the services are up and running. Thank you very much

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