EU VAT on manually inputed line items (not in product repository)


Currently assessing ERPNext for my company usage, I have a question that my inexperience in this tool makes hard to answser by myself.
In scope of VAT applied in Europe, I would like to know if it is possible in ERPNext to apply different tax codes / rates on different items on the same sales invoice / purchase invoice?

Eg. with a restaurant bill:

  • Food 200€ @ 5% VAT = 10€
  • Alcool 100€ @ 17% VAT = 17€

Could you please let me know how to achieve that? Currently when I add new item lines in a sales order, the tax box below allows to add only one rate for the entire invoice. This behavior is wrong in regards to local VAT regulation.
I read somewhere on the forum that it can be configured material by material but this solution is not optimal in my case.

Second question:
Besides, on the sales invoice printout, the lines should display the linked tax info and the recap total should be split by Tax code/rate. How to achieve that?

Item lines:
Item / Qt / Unt / Unt Price / Amt / Tx % / Tax Amt / Total
Food / 2 / pc / 100 € / 200 € / 5% / 10 € / 210€
Alcool / 1 / pc / 100 € / 100 € / 17% / 17 € / 117€

Amount tax excluded: 300€
Tax 5%: 10€
Tax 17%: 17€
Total amount: 327€

Many thanks for your guidance & assistance

In ERPNext, every tax has a default rate, if your Item has another rate, you can set it in the Item Tax table in the Item master

For example most of your items have 5% VAT, you can keep default rate as 5 and then set the rate in the Alcohol Items as 17%