"Event" Calendar view not reading filters

I’m using Calendar view on Event (“Calendar” in Tools), and noticed that the filters are not working, however they work for the Gantt view, list view. They also work for Calendar view on other doctypes, but not Event.

Just tested, worked fine for me. Any specific filter you using which we can test to make sure.

Here’s an example of what happens on my instance. As you can see, there are very specific criteria in the filters set. Those were put in as a test measure to check if any of them are functioning. The Event shown was created a few seconds before the screenshot

I fear there is something wrong with my database… I know this isn’t the right thread for an further issue, but I’m still experiencing the same problem with calendar filters, but am noticing on every doctype, the history shows either “[user] created this a few seconds ago” or “[user] created this Invalid Date

Is there any way to compare a clean database with my own? I may try reinstalling on a fresh server, but I have not noticed any issues with updating

Still seems to be a problem with the beta/demo.erpnext.com. Are you still able to make any filters work in “Event”?