Event Doctype Naming Error

My employee created event in calendar, which is only available to him

now when i am creating new event as administrator
its showing error that this error


i think change the Subject as Title is good way ?

Hi @nilpatel42,

Please double-check the configuration and try to create the event again.

Thank You!

I checked, same as your SS, but still no able to create

as of now i change naming series with field | Subject - Event Category |

and i am using version-14

thank you @NCP

Please check it and apply it.

Thank You!

thank you @NCP

without ### its working, and its great for me

but i think this is bug, we need to report it

When the subject and event_category are the same, adding #### prevents errors.

you are correct, but my subject unique that’s why its working for me @NCP